About Us

Who are we?

We are a custom pizza oven builder and we bring the thousand-year-old Italian tradition of wood fired cooking right to your home or business.

We are Forno Nardona – A Pizza Oven Builder. 

And we live and work in Tampa, Florida.   First and foremost, we are a brick pizza oven builder.  We design, hand-craft, and ship wood fired pizza ovens to your home or business. We also build outdoor kitchens plus bases and stands for our ovens, if needed.  And we get dealer pricing on Lion Barbeque products.


Our Mission as a Pizza Oven Builder:

is to build the highest quality products. We do this by using only top-of-the-line modern materials. Combining quality materials and our fine craftsmanship assures the beauty and longevity of your oven or kitchen for many generations to come.  You can call or fill out our contact page to get the conversation started.  We look forward to building not just a product for you but a lasting relationship.

Our ovens and company pay homage to owner William “BJ” Hall’s Italian heritage. His grandmother’s family came from Italy and so the company name of Forno Nardona was derived from his grandmother’s maiden name, Nardona, and the Italian word for oven, ‘Forno’. 


The very first pizza oven we built was for personal use at our home.  Before we knew it, our friends and neighbors wanted an outdoor pizza oven of their own. In April of 2013,  our business as an outdoor residential brick oven builder began. Today, we build for outdoor and indoor as well as commercial and residential.  We are also able to include an optional gas burner.

Over time, our ovens have evolved and improved.  Our techniques have been fine-tuned and our product is the best available in the market.

Fast 56 USF Awarded to Forno Nardona 10th place with USF graduate and co-owner of Forno Nardona Marie Hall on the big screen behind the people on stage.
Fast 56 USF Awarded Forno Nardona 10th place with USF graduate and co-owner of Forno Nardona Marie Hall on the big screen behind the people on stage.
Pizza Oven Builder and Owner of Forno Nardona, William Hall poses with one of his Nardona Napoli pizza ovens.
ABOVE: Forno Nardone owner William Hall poses with a Nardona Napoli pizza oven. LEFT: Marie Hall is honored at the USF Fast 56 as a graduate of USF with a top growing company, Forno Nardona. She is pictured on the screen in the background. Niece Katie in blue accepted the award on behalf of Forno Nardona which ranked 10th out of 56.
A Forno Nardona pizza oven designed to meet the specifications of our customers.


We create outdoor spaces that are both beautiful and functional.

Our process involves us working with you directly to design an oven that fits your style and needs. This means that you choose from our three models of traditional pizza ovens. Then you customize it’s look by choosing the size, face and finish.  And our finishes are abundant! So bring your passion and enthusiasm to the design project!  If you need more inspiration, then take a look at our photo galleries page! Also, you can check us out on Facebook or Instagram. You take the lead and we will guide you all the way to create the oven of your dreams.


Family dinners and backyard parties will never be the same!

Be prepared for our authentic pizza oven to bring the feeling of tradition and the taste of your ancestor’s cooking to life. And, your traditions might be Italian, Mediterranean, Caribbean, Greek, or something else.  But our construction is the same! Our domes are built to a specific design making it possible for you to cook everything to perfection whether it’s pizza or steak.  A brick oven is a unique addition to any home that can change the way you entertain.  If you have been dreaming about this for a long time, then let us turn your dream into a reality!  Contact us to get started.

A newly built outdoor kitchen built around a Forno Nardona Napoli Model pizza oven.
Forno Nardona's Outdoor Kitchen with Napoli Pizza Oven
William Hall & Marie Hall, Owners of Forno Nardona.