Nardona Rustico

Nardona Rustico Model wood-fired pizza oven by Forno Nardona.

Nardona Rustico Model Pizza Oven

The Forno Nardona Rustico model is the most affordable of our ovens. It comes in three sizes, and has an abundance of features that can be selected by YOU for a custom look. This wood-fired pizza oven can be installed in your home or in your outdoor living space. Our brick dome design allows you to cook pizza, pasta dishes, meat and more to perfection! Contact us for questions about this traditional pizza oven.


  • 100% assembled with customized finish options
  • 100% hand-crafted beautiful fire brick dome
  • 3″ ceramic fiber insulation over dome
  • 2″ ceramic board floor insulation
  • Glass tile option ( Starting at $500 for 24″)
  • Black Brick arch upgrade $150
  • 2.25″ thick cooking floor
  • 4″ dome thickness
  • Diagonally laid floor brick
  • Stainless steel door and thermometer
  • Constructed on  2″ steel reinforced concrete slab
  • Movable with pallet jack or engine hoist
  • Gas burner options starting at $1500
  • Optional powder coated Aluminum stand start $900

Sizes and Base Prices

24” Rustic Model


32” Rustic Model


40” Rustic Model