Nardona Napoli

Nardona Napoli model residential pizza oven

Nardona Napoli Pizza Ovens

The Nardona Napoli Pizza Oven is the largest model and most expensive of our residential brick pizza ovens. This Napoli pizza oven has a beautiful glass tile finish and a traditional Naples style center vent. And it has our own modern spin making it slightly different than a traditional Napoli style pizza oven. Plus, it is built to withstand outdoor conditions which makes it the perfect addition to any outdoor living space.

We offer four sizing options and an assortment of custom finishes. Take a look at the pricing and features of the Nardona Napoli model pizza oven below, and then contact us to start the creation of your own custom wood fired Napoli pizza oven!  If you need more photos for inspiration, then check out our galleries page.

Nardona Napoli Pizza Oven Features

  • 100% hand-crafted beautiful fire brick dome
  • 6″ ceramic fiber insulation over dome, 4″ on sides
  • 2″ ceramic board floor insulation (4″ Commercial)
  • High thermal conductivity ceramic insulation
  • Steel matrix reinforced
  • Refractory mortar
  • 2.25″ thick cooking floor
  • Diagonally laid floor bricks
  • 4″ dome thickness
  • Stainless steel door and thermometer
  • Constructed on a 2″ steel reinforced concrete slab
  • Movable with pallet jack and forklift
  • Gas burner options available
  • Stainless steel double wall insulated pipe is standard
  • Traditional center vent design
  • Standard glass tile finish included
  • Optional tiled front (Deduct $500)
  • Optional personalized front

Sizes and Base Prices

24” Napoli Model


32” Napoli Model


40” Napoli Model


48” Napoli Model


Custom Options

  • Custom Tile Striping

  • Personalize Your Stainless Steel Front

  • Gas Burner

  • Heavy Gauge Powder Coated Steel Stand

  • Powder Coated Structural Aluminum