Outdoor Kitchens

Forno Nardona’s Outdoor Kitchens

 We custom build outdoor kitchens using the full line of Lion Premium Barbeque accessories. We can also build a bar or island, if space is limited.

What makes our outdoor kitchens great? We only use the highest quality materials when constructing our outdoor kitchens, bars and BBQ islands. We use only Lion Premium Barbecue accessories. Our framing is constructed from welded structural aluminum and cement board. This material is designed to be durable enough for a lifetime of outdoor use. Unlike our competitors, we will never use inferior products such as welded steel, steel studs, or treated wood. We feel that using something that will never rust or rot is the only way to go!  This is especially true in the Florida weather.

Forno Nardona Napoli Pizza Oven in Blue Moon Tile on a Forno Nardona outdoor kitchen featuring Premium Lion BBQ products.
Forno Nardona Napoli Pizza Oven in Blue Moon Tile on a Forno Nardona outdoor kitchen featuring Premium Lion BBQ products.
One of our outdoor kitchens with a bar top, a green egg and a grill poolside.
Outdoor kitchen with a bar top and a green egg and a grill poolside.


Premium Grills

Lion Premium Grills offers two luxurious stainless steel gas grills which we use in our Tampa outdoor kitchens – the L75000 and the L90000. The L75000 model is a 32 inch grill with 4 burners, an adjustable warming rack, infrared rotisserie back burner, and 5 commercial size push-to-turn knobs. The L90000 is the heaviest grill offered by Lion.  It weighs in at over 200 pounds. This model is 40 inches, has 5 stainless steel burners, premium cooking grates, and a double layer smoker head. Forno Nardona chooses Lion Premium Grills products because they are crafted from the highest quality materials and provide users with the ultimate grilling experience.

Lion Premium Barbecue Grill, model L75000 size 32in.
  • Price: $1699 (includes shipping)
  • Call for package pricing
Complete your outdoor kitchen with a Lion Premium Barbecue Grill Model L90000 Size 40 inches
  • Price: $1999 (includes shipping)
  • Call for package pricing

Premium Grill Accessories

Lion Premium Grills offers a wide assortment of accessories for grills and outdoor kitchens. These accessories are expertly crafted and ensure that your grilling experience remains tailored to your standards.

Products Include:


  • Warming Drawer
  • Double Drawers
  • Door and Drawer Combo
  • Single Side Burner
  • Double Side Burner
  • Double Door with Towel Rack
  • Vertical Door with Towel Rack
  • Multi-Functional Drawer

Framing for Our Tampa Built Outdoor Kitchens, Bars & Oven Bases

Our oven bases and outdoor kitchens are made of structural grade aluminum. They are finished with cement board and will never rust out or rot. Our oven bases with cement board start at $750. They can be finished by you or by us for an additional charge.

The frame for an outdoor kitchen constructed by Forno Nardona.
Forno Nardona Tampa built outdoor kitchen/bar made of stone, granite and Lion stainless accessories with island and personalized plate "Casa Summerelli" sign.
Forno Nardona Tampa built Outdoor Bar/Kitchen with Kegerator.
We ship assembled outdoor kitchens and islands!  Tell us what you have in mind by going to our contact page for a quote.
We proudly offer Lion Premium Barbecue products at a discount!